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Our Parents: Dash and Denver


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Our History as Cavachon Breeders

We are a boutique breeder of Cavachons.  Cavachons are a cross between a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and Bichon Frise. Our parents have been genetically tested for any genetic disease and are cleared of any genetic faults. Having bred other canine breeds in the past, we have come to realize how very special the Cavachon is for the ones who are fortunate to have one for a lifelong companion.

Bred for their gentle temperament, sound health, intelligence, and playful personalities, our Cavachon puppies are the perfect starter pet or comfort companion. Raised lovingly in our home and showered with affection, our puppies possess the characteristics so many people are looking for in a pet today. As breeders, we know it’s important for you to adopt an exceptional and outstanding puppy…in beauty, health, and personality.

Hallmarks of a Cavachon include:

  • A soft, fluffy, hypoallergenic coat, along with
  • An irresistible, sweet, friendly, lovable and intelligent nature
  • A healthy vigor, avoiding congenital and structural defects common to purebred animals.
  • Our parent dogs are cleared for genetic faults.
We’d love to talk with you about the process of bringing a Colorado Cavachon into your home. Puppies will be available October 1, 2021.
We will help you as much as possible and look forward to discussing what it looks like to have such a wonderful companion. In our exchange of information, we just want to make sure that you as a potential owner know what it takes to care for a Cavachon.

Cavachon Puppies

Our current offering of cute & adorable Cavachon puppies available October 1, 2021

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